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5 Reasons to Sell your Property Off-Market

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Selling your property in today’s UK housing market is stressful, expensive and extremely slow.

We're here to answer the questions you want to know about selling your properties without having to go down the typical route of using an estate agent or an online property service.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider selling your property off-market.

1. Estate Agent Fees & Minimal Void periods

Why are estate agents fees so expensive?

Unexpected fees are commonplace within the property industry.

It has become widely accepted that if you want to sell your property, you’ll need to pay fees to sell your property. But then, you're hit with those sneaky hidden fees, but why should this be the case?

It can be very frustrating for a homeowner or commercial property investor looking to sell their property and pay fees on top.

In some cases, nearly 2% of the sale price is added on top. The majority of the time, these fees are unnecessary, hence why Atlantic Property Group charge no fees when you sell your property through us.

Minimal Void Periods - The risk of an empty property

As a landlord, there is the risk of minimal void periods. If you are struggling to get tenants, this can prove to be costly.

With no rental income and paying additional costs such as your buy-to-let mortgage and landlord insurance, if the property fails to sell, these costs can add up quickly.

However, if landlords choose to sell off-market, this means no hidden fees and a much faster process including an instant cash offer. This means you wouldn't need to stress or worry about lengthy void periods.

2. Time-consuming

Why is it taking so long to sell my property?

The property market goes up and down all the time. The whole process from start to finish is long, frustrating and stressful.

Your property could be listed on the market for months, and in some unfortunate cases, years.

There can be many reasons for this but if you genuinely want to sell your property fast, with the right expertise, and inside contacts, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of months – max!

We usually sell our properties within a 28 day time-frame. That's how much faster you can sell your home or property if you bypass the estate agent route.

3. Sell your property for market value

Why can’t I get any offers for my asking price?

Estate agents will often value your property higher than what it’s worth.

By using this tactic, they entice you to sign up with them, and not their competitors.

More often than not, this means you could be selling your property 10-15% below the asking price.

There can be several factors involved when this happens, but it’s predominantly because the agents have over-priced your property.

They will give you many reasons as to why you haven't been able to sell your property at asking price, but it's always best to set realistic expectations at the beginning of the process, and not the end.

4. You’re just another fish in the sea

Can I trust my estate agent?

You may be wondering; ‘Why isn’t my estate agent communicating with me in a timely manner?’ or 'Why am I getting different answers from my estate agent?'.

Many property owners become frustrated that you can’t seem to get a straight answer.

There are some honest estate agents (who we have worked with over the years), but unfortunately the nature of the industry is that most estate agents don’t offer the best service if you want to sell your property fast.

Each property which is sold through an agent is simply just another number for them. They will listen to you and tell you exactly what you want to hear; whether or not it’s entirely accurate.

You may get lucky and find a great estate agent and use them again which shows they’re doing their job well. Hold onto them, we say!

However, the ideal situation for any property owner looking to sell their property fast is not having to worry whether their property will be sold quickly, whilst getting the highest possible price for it.

5. Confidentiality

How do I sell my property without anyone knowing?

Many property owners sell their properties privately for confidentiality reasons.

There could also be other personal reasons, but the main point is that you are able to sell your property off-market if you know the right people, without the public being aware.

Essentially, an off-market property is a property that hasn’t been listed online or publicly. And if you have developed strong relationships with property investors, you don’t need an estate agent to sell your property.

Selling your property off-market is one of the best and quickest routes to releasing equity fast.

It can be demoralising and draining ensuring your property looks perfect and show-ready for each viewing, only to be let down continuously and hear negative feedback every time.

Atlantic Property Group have a wide network of clients, ready to buy your property fast.

So before you think about going to an estate agent or listing it online, come talk to us about selling your property off-market if it's in Cheshire or Lancashire.

We consider any commercial or residential property within those areas, whatever condition it is in, and our process is speedy and discreet.

Fill out our contact form and one of our property specialists will get back to you and offer you free advice, whilst you consider how to sell your property fast, without an estate agent.


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